Kick that dude

I plan to put up my C++ MFC Visual Studio 2017 project in it's entirety a little later.

Some will laugh at MFC and call it a mess but so are most frameworks from that era... and MFC did many things correct and honestly... it wasn't that bad !

Granted; if you wanted to create special buttons with special icons or do check-box tree-lists with little icons etc., you had to do your research.

The same goes for the message handling with e.g. PreTranslateMessage and a host of other kinky stuff you used to handling messages before, during and after all kinds of .... and still it worked.

Todays alternative is C# which is dead off the shelf for performance critical software (in itself, not utilizing .NET/DirectX)

So I just need to clean it up a bit... it's my brain child in all it's facets which may not agree with the sensitive Greta Thunbergs out there and may cause stressfulness, law suites, hard feelings and so on.... and we can't have that.

Dino Rex

Spheres in Cornell

Glossy spheres in Cornell

Green translucent environment mapping

Two spheres environment mapping

Twisted beyond Cornell